Top 5 Women’s Winter Riding Jackets

At the risk of sounding cliché, the weather outside is truly frightful for most of us in the Northern hemisphere. Mixes of rain, snow, sleet, wind, and dropping temperatures can threaten to make us say, “see you in spring, horses!” Fortunately, the evolution and innovation in thermal sports gear has made its way into the equestrian world. There are outerwear options for the dedicated rider who wants to keep riding and working with their horse all winter long.


Best Quality Waterproof Jackets that are worth the investment: One of the top rated jackets from the most reputable brands is the Mountain Horse Serenity Tech Jacket. Mountain Horse is an Irish brand, and the Emerald Isle didn’t get its vibrant green color from lack of rain! This brand’s products are influenced by Ireland’s long history of excellent horsemanship and hardiness in the face of all kinds of weather. The long body length, generous hood, and tall collar of this jacket makes it perfect to throw on for barn chores, setting up the arena, observing a clinic or lesson, or keeping you warm and dry as you tack up. The Mountain Horse Jacket has the same strong waterproofing features as the Serenity jacket, but a shorter body length, making it a more forgiving choice for riding. This jacket also features a detachable hood, reflective details for safety when riding in poor visibility conditions, and ample pockets for treats, maps, and cell phones. The Noble Equestrian Performance Jacket is another option, also with an abundance of pockets, a waist cinch, detachable hood, hand pockets with storm cuffs and storm vents in the back. The main disadvantages of these jackets is their high price tag, which can set you back a bit. That said, these jackets will keep you warm and dry, and will be worth the investment that you can make.

It’s Not Super Wet Where I Live, But It Gets Really Cold. What Jackets Should I Get?

Many insulated jackets are also at least water-resistant, but they have been put into this category because they are notable for warmth in the first place. Returning to the Mountain Horse brand, the Long Alicia Coat is a heavily insulated jacket with extra-long sleeves and a detachable hood lined with faux fur. Windproof and waterproof, this jacket’s durability is unrivaled. Furthermore, the Horze Long Winter Riding Jacket has an abundance of pockets, a tall collar, and adjustable drawstrings in the detachable hood and around the waist for maximum comfort. While a bit more expensive than the Nobility jacket, it is fully waterproof for all kinds of weather. Both of these jackets end at the waistband of the pants, making them excellent choices as riding jackets.

I Need A Lighter Jacket That Is Not So Bulky. What Should I Get?

The best all-weather jacket is also the safest for riding in the woods or out on the roads, and it is the most budget-friendly! The HighVizibility Reflective Aspey Jacket is water- and wind-proof, available in neon pink and neon orange, and has a plethora of safety features. It has reflexive stripes, a detachable sign saying “Please pass wide and slow,” and is washing-machine safe to boot! Just don’t put it in the dryer, which could damage the reflective stripes. Another lighter option, though not waterproof or windproof, is the Merokeety Fleece Sherpa sweatshirt. A zip-up hoodie to keep you cozy and warm on mild days, or as an additional layer under a heavier jacket. Both of these jackets are under $100, making them extremely budget-friendly, but they do not have the heavy insulation properties of the other jackets in this article.

It Is Cold And Wet And Windy And I’m Miserable The Whole Time I Am At The Stables! What Should I Get?

The long jacket was designed for people like you! There are several models of long, insulated jackets with tall collars or hoods to keep the cold from blowing up your waist or down your neck. The first jacket in this category is the Horze Charlotte Long Riding Jacket, a heavily-insulated long jacket. It has a detachable hood, and its length is actually a riding skirt in the back. Simply unsnap it just before you swing up onto your horse, and you have a warm jacket to cover your legs as you ride! A lighter alternative is the Horze Freya Long Softshell jacket, which has a zippered, vented back and a faux-fleece lining. This jacket is waterproof and breathable, with less insulation than the Charlotte. This makes it less bulky for chores and riding, but it still offers plenty of warmth thanks to the lining. Both of these jackets are a bit pricey, but offer tremendous protection from the elements, making them worth the investment.


In Scandinavia, mothers teach their children that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Hopefully after reading this article, you will be inclined to agree! With such a broad range of jackets boasting such beautiful, strong features to keep you warm and dry this winter, you can still enjoy your time with your best friend, whether you ride in an arena or out on the trails. You and your horse can both shake your manes at Mother Nature, daring her to hit you with her best shot, as you brave the elements and enjoy the fresh, winter air. 

What jacket on this list do you like the best?

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