7+ Best Stall Guards for Horses

Stall guards serve a variety of purposes in the domestic horse’s life. For show horses, they can act as a way to display ribbons and prizes won during an event. They can offer a greater degree of ventilation to stalls in the summer. They can allow a person easier access to a stall for care of the horse or cleaning the stall. With all these potential benefits in mind, let’s take a look at the different types of stall guards available.

Why Certain Types Of Stall Guards Over Other Types?

In general, there are two types of stall guards: temporary and permanent. Temporary stall guards are usually in the form of a covered chain that attaches in the front of a stall door, or a gate made from some sort of durable fabric that can be attached to the opening of a stall door.

The chain, while serving as less of a visible barrier to the horse, has the benefit of safety. If a horse rolls in the stall, it can catch a shoe or a hoof in the holes of the gate-style guard. Either of these stall guards can be effective, it depends on the intended purpose and how long the guard will be up. There are also curtain-style stall guards for additional coverage. These are effective at horse shows and events if a horse has the tendency to get disturbed easily or become excitable by external stimuli.

Permanent stall guards are attached to the stall doors or to the walls of stalls. Their benefits include increased ventilation, increased visual stimulation from other horses and goings-on in the stable, while preventing horses from injuring each other through playing or fighting. Potential drawbacks include the risk of horses injuring themselves on sharp edges, and potentially damaging the stall guards if they attempt to play or fight with their neighbors across the stall guards.

What Are The Best Stall Guards On The Market?


Weaver Stall Guard with Cotton Webbing

The Weaver Stall Guard with Cotton Webbing is one of the most popular on the market. It can be adjusted for length on either side to accommodate a variety of widths for stall doors. 

It can also be used for trailers, outdoor pens, or temporary stalls at events, clinics, or shows. The cotton material is easily washed, and the white color makes an excellent visual barrier for horses and humans alike. It is easy to see why this stall guard consistently gets high reviews no matter what distributer sells it!


Tough-1 Solid Center Stall Guard

Another excellent, and even safer choice, for stall guards is the Tough-1 Solid Center Stall Guard.

Made of durable nylon and available in three different colors, this stall guard stands up to the dirt, smells, and grime of life in a horse stable. The solid fill in the center blocks means fewer spaces where a horse’s hoof can get caught. This is another excellent choice for a stall guard.


Kensington Stall Guardwith Hardwar

The highest priced, but arguably highest quality, of these gate style guards is the Kensington Stall Guard.

It has solidly filled in holes, but the holes are filled with mesh for increased breathability. The entire guard is made of ripstop material, making it able to withstand a lot of abuse from horses and handlers. The set also features installation hardware to facilitate its installation.


Kool Kurtains

For full-door models of stall guards, one need look no further than the Kool Kurtains products.

These curtains keep out bugs, sun, and moisture while allowing for good ventilation. The only drawback to these curtains is that they do not allow for easier access to the stall by humans. Furthermore, they do not provide any hard barrier for the horses across a stall door. Nevertheless, they do have a number of benefits in the warmer months of the year, and are worth the investment.


Chain-style Guards

Chain-style guards have two primary benefits. In the first place, it allows a human to easily slip into and out of the stall, which is beneficial in many cases such as for stall cleaning or for veterinary care.

In the second place, a horse cannot get its hoof stuck in the holes of a web or gate style guard. To this end, the Intrepid International Rubber-Covered Stall Chain is an excellent investment. The Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Pet’s Stall Chain is also an excellent choice. Both of these stall guards feature a metal chain wrapped in softer protective material to avoid the horse getting pinched if he leans against the chain. These two stall guards are also the lowest-priced options of all the stall guards mentioned here. They are available in a variety of colors and shipped by a variety of manufacturers.


Nylon Web Stall Guard<br />

Horsemen’s Pride Stall Gate with a Yoke

Finally, if you are looking for a larger solution, the Nylon Web Stall Guard is an excellent solution.

Your horse can stick his head out and look around, it allows for excellent air flow, and it can be installed as a more effective solution to your horse’s stall. This is an excellent investment for your stable.


Whatever stall guard you choose to purchase for your horse’s stall, be sure to purchase it with your horse’s safety in mind. Make sure he is never left alone with just a stall guard across his door, since it is all too easy for him to get a body part caught underneath it.

What style of stall guard appeals the most to you?

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