The Best Horse Vacuum Cleaners

The Best Horse Vacuum Cleaners

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Equine Grooming, Equine Grooming Tools

In my brief time as a riding instructor, one mother in particular stands out. She called me on the phone asking about riding lessons, and what the setup was at our stable. “But just so you know,” her voice came across the telephone line, “my son has asthma and hay allergies. So dust and dirt bother him in particular, and we will have to minimize how dirty he gets.”

What I said was, “Well ma’am, there is more to horsemanship than simply showing up, sitting down in the saddle, and riding. We will be outside, and all our riders are expected to get horses groomed and tacked up. I’m not sure that I can guarantee that your son won’t be exposed to allergens.”

What I thought was, “you know, I hear table tennis is very popular with kids these days.”

All kidding aside, anyone who has been around a stable for more than a minute knows that it is a VERY dirty place. Clean is a relative term, especially when there is no event to prepare for. But for serious grooming needs, what can you do when your grooming kit just doesn’t cut the mustard? The answer may surprise you.

I Groom My Horse With Brushes and Bathe When Needed. Why Do I Need a Vacuum?

Great question. What are your thoughts on grooming at the end of winter and beginning of spring? Do you enjoy grooming with the currycomb for hours every day, just to lift more hair and dirt and dander into view? Wouldn’t you rather run a vacuum cleaner over your horse, sucking up the winter grungies in super short order? A vacuum cleaner can cut the deshedding time by a significant amount.

What if you are going to a show, and your horse needs a last-minute touch-up before you saddle him up? Or worse yet (though far more likely), your horse rolls in the dustiest hay and shavings he can find (and all the manure and urine that those shavings hold) before a class, and a currycomb just won’t cut it? A vacuum cleaner can save you in this case as well.

What if you have multiple horses that are all shedding or all needing a grooming at once? You only have so much strength and endurance in your arm muscles – a vacuum cleaner can help you get all your horses cleaned in record time. If you are like me, and suffer from asthma and allergies, regular grooming can aggravate your lungs. Why not save your lungs and allergies, and use a vacuum cleaner to get your horses clean with a fraction of the dust?

Ok. You’ve Convinced Me. I Should Get a Vacuum Cleaner for My Barn. What Are My Options?

The two top vacuum cleaners on the market are the ProTeam MegaVac Backpack Vacuum and the Rapid Groom Horse Vacuum. Here we will compare these two types of vacuum cleaners, weighing the pros and cons. Then you can make the decision yourself.

The ProTeam MegaVac Backpack Vacuum is a heavy-duty model which effectively removes excess hair, dust, mud. It features a powerful two-speed motor that can differentiate between sensitive areas (such as legs and faces) and more heavily-muscled areas. The Rapid Groom is also good for training your horse to get used to the vacuum cleaner. It also has three wheels so that it can be easily transported, and a 10” crushproof hose to stand up to work boots and horseshoes. It comes with three different attachments, three disposable filter bags, and one reusable cloth filter bag. This makes it a versatile and durable addition to any barn or trailer. The main con is that it is bulky and large, a fact which is offset by the addition of the wheels.

The Rapid Groom Horse Vacuum will give your horse’s coat the most beautiful shine, and remove any loose hairs and dried-on mud at the same time. This vacuum removes all the dander and flaky skin right at the source, massaging the skin and stimulating blood flow. This makes your horse’s skin (and by extension, his coat) overall much healthier. Furthermore, the Rapid Groom has distinct speeds for different areas of the body. This is very important, especially for nervous horses or those who are particularly sensitive around certain parts of their bodies. The bag in this unit can be emptied out and so won’t need replacing. This offsets long-term costs in your equine budget. While we are discussing finances, this vacuum is also the more budget-friendly of the two vacuum cleaner options as far as initial purchase price is concerned. As an added bonus, this vacuum can be reversed and turned into a blower. This will be convenient for cleaning the barn aisle after a grooming session or cleaning the areas around the barn. The primary drawback to this vacuum cleaner is that it tends to run cold. This may be a drawback for horses who are more sensitive or nervous.


For either deep grooming or fine touch-up work, the addition of a vacuum cleaner to your grooming setup can save time and effort, and really make the difference in how your horse is presented. Your horse can benefit from either of the vacuum cleaners we mentioned here, and furthermore, you can benefit from time and effort saved. If you are sick of de-winterizing your horse or dreading the inevitable decrudding before a show, a vacuum can become your very best friend. Consider an investment in your time by getting a vacuum cleaner!

Which of these vacuum cleaners most appeals to you?

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