The Best Equestrian Women’s Tall English Boots

Mar 18, 2018

After over 40 hours of riding, running, and sloshing through mud, in 6 pairs of excellent women’s tall English boots in all types of weather, for our champion we’ve selected the Horze Camden Tall Boots as the best Equestrian Women’s Tall English Boots. Stylish, durable, and versatile, these boots are the greatest Equestrian women’s tall boots you can buy.

Horze Camden Tall Boots

Best Equestrian Women’s Tall English Boots

The Horze Camden Tall Boots have a cow nap outer with a fully leather-lined calf and suede at the inside of the leg.

Coming in as our blue ribbon champion and Best Equestrian Women’s Tall English Boots are the Horze Camden Tall Boots. These European-made tall boots are made of high-quality, super soft leather. They feature cow nap outer leather with a fully leather-lined calf and suede at the inside of the leg. The great calf shape of these boots is the result of elastic along the shaft in and curve, which make for an excellent fit. The zipper on the back and rubber spur rest are two great features of this boot. The upper side of the foot has extra soft leather to allow your foot to flex into proper position in the iron. The rubber soles are anti-slip and provide a great grip in the stirrup. A specially designed ‘Thermy-Tex’ lining provides a formula that gives this an anti-bacterial/anti-odor function keeping them smelling fresh. These leather boots will provide not only comfort but also elegance and style.

Horze Rover Field Tall Boots

Amazing Value

The Horze Rover Tall Field Boots feature a synthetic leather that has plenty of stretch and will break in quickly without the stiff feel of other non-leather boots.

Coming in as our red ribbon runner-up for “Amazing Value” are the Horze Rover Tall Field Boots. These field boots feature a synthetic leather that gives it plenty of stretch and will allow it to break in much more quickly and without the stiff feel of other non-leather boots. Although these boots are budget-priced, they have the feel of real leather and the soft rubber sole gives them a nice unique feeling when walking around. Lastly, the back zip and inner suede-like leg area are reinforced with elastic for even more flexibility.

Horze Elisa Tallboot with Zipper

Highly Durable

The Horze Elista Zippered Tall Boots are stylish boots made of soft leather complemented by a comfortable cambrelle lining.

Coming in as our yellow ribbon runner-up for “Highly Durable” are the Horze Elisa Zippered Tall Boots. These lovely leather tall boots have a back zipper with snap closures at the top and heel for a polished look in the show ring. These classic boots are a high-quality choice and are extremely durable/stylish. The elastic along the sides allow for a perfect and snug fit. They also include a nicely shaped toe area and sturdy rubber soles to help keep your foot in place in the stirrup, for a more comfortable ride. These stylish boots are made of soft leather with a comfortable cambrelle lining and Spanish-cut top.

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