The Best Equestrian Men’s Western Boots

Apr 13, 2018

When it comes to having a great ride every cowboy needs a great pair of western boots. We had a team of 15 Equestrian Men test 7 pairs of cutting-edge Men’s Western Boots. After over 50 hours of lunging, trudging thru mud, riding, and running thru the pastor we’ve concluded that the Best Equestrian Men’s Western Boots are the Ariat Men’s Quickdraw Western Boots. Featuring extreme durability, style, functionality, and design these boots will never let you down.


Ariat Men's Quickdraw Western Boot

Best Equestrian Men’s Western Boots

The Ariat Men’s Quickdraw Western Boot is a true horseman’s boot, the Quickdraw performs in the toughest conditions.

Coming in as our blue ribbon champion and Best Equestrian Men’s Western Boots are Ariats Men’s Quickdraw Western Boots. A true horseman’s boot, the Quickdraw is a classic that performs in the toughest conditions. The uppers part of these boots is made with a premium full-grain leather with a high-quality four-row stitch pattern. The pull-on loops allow for ease of wear and the stirrup-friendly outsole design is another great feature. Ariat’s exclusive Advanced Torque Stability Technology supports and cushions the foot as you move, promoting good posture and reducing fatigue so that you can work or play all day. Lastly, for lasting performance, protection, and flexibility Ariat’s exclusive ‘Duratread’ rubber compound combines maximum wear-resistance with comfort and flexibility. Overall, these are an incredible pair of boots in all ways.


Double-H Men's ICE Roper Boots

Great Design

The Double-H Men’s ICE Roper Boots unique wide square toe profile allows for wider feet to fit comfortably as well as regular feet.ft.

Coming in as our red ribbon runner-up for “Great Design” are Double H’s Men’s ICE Roper Boots. These boots feature a soft comfortable insole that’ll keep your feat sore-free. The solid sole and 1-inch heel give you the proper elevation and feel of a western boot.  Lastly, the unique wide square toe profile allows for wider feet to fit comfortably as well as regular feet.


Ariat Men's Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot

Excellent Secondary Option

The Ariat Men’s Heritage Western Cowboy Boots have a full grain leather shaft with leather lining paired with a classy western design.

Coming in as our yellow ribbon runner-up for “Excellent Secondary Option” are Ariats Men’s Heritage Western Boots. These tall boots feature a full grain leather shaft paired with leather lining. The exclusive Ariat’s ATS Technology gives you superior flexibility and cushioning for a more comfortable feel throughout long days. The boots also have a removable, gel-cushioned footbed, metatarsal support pad and countered heel cradle for all-day comfort and support.


Ariat Men's Sport Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

Great Value

With the Ariat Men’s Sports Square Toe Western Cowboy Boots comfort and tradition go hand-in-hand with the classically styled design.

Coming in as our white ribbon runner-up for “Great Value” are Ariats Men’s Sports Square Toe Western Cowboy Boots. Comfort and tradition go hand-in-hand with this classically styled Sports Square Toe Boot. Full-grain leather foot and upper, synthetic air mesh lining, and a soft-sole allow for an extremely comfortable ride. The durable and stylish design also increase the value of these boots, especially for the price. Whether trudging through mud or lunging your horse these boots will see you through it.

Leather Durability, and Boot Quality

Cowboy boots aren’t all about the design, and the style, or comfortability, it’s all about the durability! If your boot isn’t durable, then it’s going to be trashed very soon, so making sure the leather quality is durable and will stand the test of time is a key component when picking a good pair of western boots. You want to make sure you’re getting a pair that has the best leather for horseback riding and trudging through mud, thick durable and quality leather, full grain leather, etc. Synthetic leathers, bonded leathers, or anything like that are deal breakers if you want a pair that will last. And areas like the front of the boot that overlays the stainless-steel toe needs to be thick and durable to protect you from any potential danger, such as a horse accidentally stepping on you. You can trust that our picks will give you these requirements and keep you protected years down the road, with an extremely durable and stylish high-quality western boot.

Replaceable Parts = Longer Lifetime

Now that we have the durability aspect down, it’s also extremely important to purchase a boot that features replaceable parts. Some of these include insole replacements, heel repair kits, and leather buffer kits, basically, you want boots that’ll survive the ride. Horses are big animals, and with their sizes comes great mess and danger! Dirt, manure, mud, shavings, stomping, you name it. And because of that, you should definitely be investing in a nice pair of western boots, stylish, durable, and designed for life around equines. You’ll likely pay a pretty penny, but would you rather be paying to get your foot repaired, dealing with fungal infections, or some other nasty horrible ailment? Yes, we know the answer, NO! So that’s why it’s important to invest in a pair that can be repaired. Dirty, nasty, worn out insole? no-worries, buy a new replacement insole, now the boot is good as new. Leather showing signs of wear? Again, no worries they’ve got repair kits designed for your boots! These reasons are why you should look for a boot that has great reparability aspects. Keep your feet healthy, comfortable, and keep you looking stylish.

Stick to the Tried and True. 

Lastly, when it comes to making a good purchase, it’s good idea to look for a pair that’s ‘Tried and true’ this means it’s made a name for itself, and it’s known to protect your feat. And, when you choose a pair that has a great name for itself, with it comes great value, durability, quality, versatility, and style. These are the boots that the most famous western cowboys in the world wear, something that’ll really show that you’re a serious and professional rider.

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