The Best Equestrian Light-Weight Helmets

Apr 10, 2018

After testing out 6 high-quality, lightweight and low-profile riding helmets for 24 days, we’ve concluded that the Best Equestrian Light-Weight Helmet is the Troxel Intrepid Helmet. The light-weight design allows for a high-quality venting system and gives you the freedom of movement that other helmets may take away, the Troxel Intrepid is an excellent riding helmet for any Equestrian


Troxel Intrepid Helmet

Best Equestrian Light-Weight Helmet

The Troxel Intrepid Helmet offers you an ultralight low profile helmet designed for the performance-oriented rider.

Coming in as our blue ribbon champion and Best Equestrian Light-Weight Helmet is the Troxel Intrepid Helmet. The ultralight, low profile design of this helmet was created for the performance-oriented rider. A woven mesh keeps debris out of strategically placed vents while channeling fresh air throughout the helmet interior. The moisture-wicking padding maximizes moisture diffusion and optimizes performance for all-day comfort. The self-adjusting ‘SureFit Pro’ adjusts to the size and shape of the riders head for an unmatched level of comfort and stability during demanding hours in the saddle. The geometric visor is designed to be shatterproof and can resist high levels of impact. The surface treatment is made with a sleek carbon fiber material.


IRH Equi-Pro Helmet

Great Beginners Helmet

The IRG Equi-Pro Helmet is the perfect light-weight entry-level to intermediate horse riding helmet

Coming in as our red ribbon runner-up for “Great Beginners Helmet” is the IRH Equi-Pro Helmet. The perfect entry-level to intermediate horse riding helmet. The Equi-Pro Schooling Helmet is the ideal solution for kids, women, and men. , the Equi-Pro horseback riding helmet is versatile and fashionable. This helmet has excellent venting to keep riders cool by maximizing air circulation around the top of the head. The unique front vent is also extremely effective compared to other helmet models by allowing fresh air to pass along the riders head. The standard in most helmets nowadays is the dial fit system, this helmet is no exception featuring an excellent dial system that allows the rider to adjust the size of the helmet in a cinch, allowing it to fit most head sizes with little to no fuss. This helmet also features the moisture wick lining that keeps the top of your head dry and comfortable, these pads are also washable in case they get dirty. Another awesome feature of IRH is their accident replacement offer, which allows you to replace helmets that have been worn in an accident for up to 3 years. This is an excellent choice if our champion doesn’t suit your needs.




Lami-Cell Ventex Helmet

Great Secondary Option

The Lami-Cell Ventex Riding Helmet is approved to carry the new European VG1 label, lightweight shell, and detachable mesh lining.

Coming in as our yellow ribbon runner-up for “Great Secondary Option” is the Lami-Cell Ventex Helmet. This ultra-low profile helmet is approved to carry the new European VG1 label, lightweight shell, and detachable mesh lining. This helmet also features the adjustable headband size dial. One of the great aspects of this helmet is the ergonomic shape that offers greater protection for the back of the skull, and the outer shell is molded over seven high air-flow vents to keep your head cool similarly to the other two options – this is a great secondary option if you prefer it over the others for any reason.

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