The Best English Jumping Horse-Saddles

Mar 18, 2018

After weeks of thrilling jumping training and galloping through the woods, 15 different riders with varying expertise trialed 8 of the highest quality saddles on the market. In the end, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Best English Jumping Horse-Saddle is the Bates Elevation DS+ Saddle. Some key features that make it stand out include lower horn and cantel, English bridle leather, and gel-cush shock absorbing seat.


Bates Elevation DS+ Saddle

Best English Jumping Horse-Saddle

When using the Bates Elevation DS+ Saddle, you and your horse will show a marked improvement in freedom of movement.

Coming in as our blue ribbon champion and Best English Jumping Horse-Saddle is the Bates Elevation DS+ Saddle. The Bates Elevation DS+ Saddle brings you treated security and unmatched close contact with your horse. The seat is designed for more breadth behind you to ensure more comfortable landings without brushing up on the horse.

Bates Elevation DS+ Saddle11
The double-lined leather brings ultimate comfort for you and known for its grippy texture, you get the best of both worlds!

Your horse will notice the difference in this saddle and have access to more freedom of movement thanks to the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and CAIR Cushion System. Enjoy comfort the right way with the Bates Elevation DS+ Saddle!


Bates Hunter Jumper Saddle

Best ‘Hunting’ Saddle

The Bates Hunter Jumper Saddle is a Performance driven saddle. A supportive seat aids a correct and powerful position over jumps.

Coming in as our red ribbon runner-up for “Best ‘Hunting’ Saddle” is the Bates Hunter Jumper SAddle with CAIR. This is a performance-driven hunter jumper saddle.  One of the most impressive features of this saddle is the supportive seat which aids in a correct and powerful position when performing jumps or galloping through the forest. This saddle maximizes freedom of movement and comfort for you and your horse. The saddle also includes an impressive short triple girth point and the adjustable ‘flexibloc’ system is another major plus. One of our personal favorite features is the CAIR air panels that revolutionize the way your horse feels the weight on its back, cushioning the saddle with air to evenly distribute the rider’s weight, virtually eliminating pressure points and discomfort. What really makes this a hit is not just that it’s comfortable, but the Easy-Change gullet system keeps this saddle around even after you’ve changed or outgrown your horse.


Collegiate Close Contact Saddle

Best Value

The Collegiate Close Contact Saddle Offering a shorter leather padded flap designed for the rider seeking closer contact.

Coming in as our yellow ribbon runner-up for “Best Value” is the Collegiate Close Contact Saddle. The Collegiate Close Contact Saddle is built with soft, grippy, full-grain European leather and features the traditional deep seat for extra security.

This saddle also has luxurious seat and knee inserts for extra comfort as well as large moveable knee blocks for your convenience.

Collegiate Close Contact Saddle1The self-balancing Y-girthing system helps get your saddle in the correct position quicker and easier. The EASY-CHANGE Gulley System allows you to adjust the gullet width to fit your horse. Try the Collegiate Close Contact Saddle today!

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