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There are a variety of reasons to use horse clippers. Some people trim their horses for aesthetic reasons. Show horses may have the longer hairs on their ears, chins, and fetlocks tidied up. Sporthorses and horses that stay in training throughout the winder may be clipped at least partially to keep them from getting their thick winter fur soaked with sweat. For first aid purposes, hair is often clipped around wounds to allow easier access for cleaning and stitching wound edges. This also helps keep the wounds cleaner. 

For bigger clipping jobs, there are a variety of heavy duty clipping machines which are effective for bigger jobs. However, there are many reasons to invest in cordless clippers.

Why Cordless Clippers?

Most cordless clippers are significantly smaller than the models which require a cord and a plug. They are lighter, quieter, and more convenient to use. For accustoming young, shy, or sensitive horses to the sound and feel of the clippers, cordless clippers are ideal. They are safer as well, with no cords for people, horses, or barn dogs to trip over while clipping. 

If all these benefits have convinced you that you need to invest in a set, here is a selection of the best cordless horse clippers in a variety of categories.

The Best Clippers By Category


Most Durable

You may be best served by the Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers. After 60 minutes of charging, a single battery runs for two hours total.

The powerful motor cuts through even matted fur, while the high-torque design coupled with lower blade speed minimize friction and therefore the risk of overheating. This also means you can use less clipper oil on the blades. Additional batteries can be purchased to go along with the clippers, and they can be fit by any Oster blades.


Longest Run Time On A Single Battery Pack

If you have a large horse, big clipping job, or several horses to clip, look no further than the Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clipper.

This machine is made from the best materials and has a motor that runs at a faster speed than the Volt. This makes it not as powerful for cutting through matted and muddy coats, but does indeed make the clipper run for over two hours on full charge. The lithium ion technology in the battery assures the consumer of the battery’s reliability.



The Wahl Bravura Lithium Cordless Clipper features a powerful motor, lightweight design, and best of all, a low-vibration and low-sound performance.

It feature the 5-in-1 blade system, and operates at full power until the battery is depleted. Once the battery has completely run out, you can plug it in, or simply charge the battery again (a process which takes an hour). In addition to its ergonomic design fitting comfortably in the hand of the groomer, this clipper has everything that loyal customers of Wahl can expect. This clipper is the best for young or sensitive horses, for show trims around the face and ears, and for trimming around wounds, due to the quiet motor and small size. And for lovers of color, it is available in five different colors!


Most Versatile

For the equine professional who wants quality, versatility, and a grooming set that is easier on the wallet, the Wahl Professional Animal Arco Equine Horse Cordless Clipper Kit will be your new best friend.

The most notable feature is the 5-in-1 signature clipper blade from Wahl, which allows you to easily adjust the fineness of the trim. The shape of the clipper allows it to be suitable for details such as ears, beards, and fetlocks, but also for larger trims on more expansive patches of the body. With two batteries included, each charging for 75 minutes and running for 80, you can enjoy 160 minutes of nonstop trimming and alternate charging and using the batteries on this clipper.


Most User-Friendly

The ergonomic design of the Wahl Professional Animal Motion Clipper Set is only one of the appealing features of this user-friendly clipper set. It features German-made blades and Hungary-made materials.

An LED traffic light shows the battery level, giving an accurate indicator of how much power is left before the battery needs to be recharged. There is a removable finger rest on the bottom side to increase the user’s comfort during use. The body of the clipper itself is well-suited to fit comfortably in the hand. Finally, it weighs just over nine ounces. This is a great and comfortable clipper featuring the best that Wahl technology has to offer.


Wahl Deluxe Pro Series Cordless Lithium Ion Clipper Kit

Most Budget Friendly

The set of clippers that is easiest on the wallet is definitely the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Clipper kit. Featuring multiple blades, this clipper is lightweight and small.

It is intended for dogs, and is best used for up-close and detail trims between larger grooming sessions. However, after charging for only 60 minutes, the clippers can run on battery charge alone for two hours. This makes it a great choice for showring touchups, decorative trims, first-aid trims and wound care, and when you are desperate to get the last mud and burrs out of the loyal barn dog.


All of these models in this list have been selected for the quality of their performance. They are workhorses at clipping, and can also be used on other animals that may need trims (such as dogs, goats, sheep, or cattle). Each manufacturer sells different blades and clipper attachments as well to allow for different trims. Many of these clippers are sold in sets that already feature these different blades. While they are not cheap, they are worthy of the investment in safe grooming technology. Whether you need to clip your horse for show, for sport, for fun, or for first-aid, you are sure to find a clipper on this list that suits your needs. 

Which of these clippers most appeals to you?

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