Rice bran feed for horses

Rice Bran Feed for Horses: Is It the Right Choice?

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Equine Barn & Stall Supplies, Equine Feed

Let’s face it, caring for our trusty steeds can sometimes feel like solving a cryptic puzzle – particularly when it comes to finding that “just right” diet. Every horse, in all its individual magnificence, demands a bespoke diet. Now, if your quest for the flawless feed brought you to the doorstep of rice bran, allow me to show you around this remarkable trove of horse nutrition.

Singing Praises for Rice Bran

Rice bran, that nutrient-packed outer layer of the rice grain, often shunned during milling, is seeing a surge in its fandom in horse nutrition circles. Now, let’s unpack why folks like us, who adore our horses, are developing a soft spot for rice bran:

  • It’s chock full of natural oils, delivering the bang for the buck, calorically speaking, without ramping up the feed quantity. Pretty nifty for horses that need to keep an eye on the scales.
  • Rice bran houses gamma-oryzanol, a plant sterol with a reputation for aiding muscle growth and development.
  • It’s a champ in the antioxidant department, giving a horse’s immune system a leg up.
  • It’s a champion source of dietary fiber, contributing to seamless digestion.
  • The well-rounded nutrient profile of rice bran, without overdoing protein or energy, makes it a superb add-on to horse feed.

A Guided Tour of Rice Bran Feed Choices

Got rice bran on your mind? Here are some star products known for their nutritional oomph and popularity among horses:

Rice Bran Feed:

Manna Pro Max-E-Glo Pelleted Rice Bran: This stabilized rice bran product, brimming with fat, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants, has a pelleted form that blends like a dream into your horse’s feed.

High-Fat Stabilized Rice Bran and CoolStance Coconut Meal: This easy-to-stomach supplement delivers dietary fiber, vital fatty acids, and natural vitamin E. It’s just the ticket for horses in need of extra calories for weight gain or performance.

Rice Bran Oil Options:

AniMed Rice Bran Oil Pure: A power-packed source of high-density energy that blends seamlessly with routine feed.

Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil Plus: Triple Crown’s one-of-a-kind concoction of rice bran oil, flaxseed, and soy oil is a treasure trove of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Perfect for those aiming to up their horse’s weight or bring out that coat shine.

Factoring in rice bran can jazz up your horse’s diet without throwing the nutritional balance out of whack. But remember, rice bran’s role is to supplement, not to replace complete feed. Don’t hesitate to pick the brains of a vet or horse nutrition specialist to ensure your horse’s diet hits all the right notes.

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Getting the Ball Rolling with Rice Bran

While integrating rice bran brings a whole heap of perks, it’s essential to get it right. Here’s a few handy tips:

  • Ease into it: Start with a modest helping and build it up over several weeks. This approach lets your horse’s digestive system get up to speed, warding off any upset.
  • Calcium-to-phosphorus balance: Rice bran is heavier on phosphorus than calcium. While most off-the-shelf products counter this with added calcium, raw rice bran might call for a standalone calcium supplement.
  • Add-on, not a substitute: Although rich in nutrients, rice bran shouldn’t elbow out a balanced diet. It’s best used to enhance high-quality forage and a full feed.

Choosing Wisely

Deciding if rice bran suits your horse hinges on their individual needs and overall diet. Keep tabs on their weight and tweak the diet as required to sidestep overfeeding. Bear in mind, every horse is unique, and what’s a hit with one might be a miss with another. If you’re in two minds, always reach out to a vet or horse nutritionist.

Exploring Beyond Rice Bran: Other Nutritious Extras

If you’re keen on going beyond rice bran, consider extras like beet pulp, flaxseed, and omega-dense oil. Moreover, store-bought feeds can cater to a wide range of needs, from sport horses with high-energy needs, to expectant broodmares needing additional nutrients, to older horses grappling with dental issues.


Incorporating rice bran into your horse’s feed could translate into marked health gains. Like any change in diet, though, it should be done with care and over time. Keep a weather eye out for changes in your horse’s state or behavior and fine-tune dosage as needed.

Taking care of your horse is a labor of love. The products recommended here provide excellent avenues to weave rice bran into your horse’s feed, but always go for what fits your horse’s unique requirements. Here’s to the health and happiness of our cherished horse pals!

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