The Benefits of Mini Manure Spreaders for Small Farms

The Benefits of Mini Manure Spreaders for Small Farms

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In the grand choreography of farming, every step counts. Every decision made can significantly affect productivity, efficiency, and the overall health of your farm. One tool often overlooked by many small farm owners, but with significant benefits, is the mini manure spreader. Not your typical high-ticket farm machinery, yet the mini manure spreader, especially when chosen wisely, can bring about considerable improvements in small-scale farming. This article will highlight the benefits of incorporating these compact workhorses into your farming routine, and even guide you in selecting the right one for your needs.

Understanding the Role of a Mini Manure Spreader in Small Farming

So, what exactly is a mini manure spreader and why does your small farm need one? In essence, a mini manure spreader is a compact piece of equipment designed to distribute manure evenly over your fields. Its smaller size makes it the perfect fit for hobby farmers, horsemen, and homesteaders who have manure to dispose of but do not need the capacity of a full-sized spreader.

The benefits are twofold. Firstly, it turns waste into worth. Manure, properly spread, enriches the soil by adding nutrients and improving its structure, which in turn promotes healthier crop growth. Secondly, it’s about proper manure management. Rather than allowing manure to pile up, attract pests, and emit unpleasant odors, a mini manure spreader helps you maintain a cleaner, more hygienic farm.

One product that perfectly represents the function of mini manure spreaders is the Country Manufacturing Model 600. It is a ground-driven manure spreader with a 25-bushel capacity. This means it performs just like the large farm models but in a compact size that any 10 HP or larger tractor can easily pull.

Mini Manure Spreaders: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

So, you’ve decided that a mini manure spreader is a good investment for your small farm, but where do you start? Consider these key features when shopping:

Capacity: This refers to how much manure the spreader can hold. Choose a capacity that matches your farm’s needs. Small farms or homesteads with a couple of animals might only need a basic model like the Newer Spreader Model 100, with an 8 cubic feet capacity.

Ease of Use: The spreader should be user-friendly and easy to load. Look for designs that allow easy maneuverability and versatility.

Hitch Type: Consider whether the spreader can be hitched to your existing equipment. The Newer Spreader Model 200, for instance, comes standard with a 2″ Ball Hitch attachment.

Materials and Longevity: The spreader should be durable and capable of handling all kinds of manure, even that mixed with hay and straw. Look for robust construction materials, such as the treated lumber bed and sides of the Country Manufacturing Model 600.

Premium vs Basic Models: Think about your budget and needs. The Newer Spreader Model 200 is a premium option with extra features like a tarp cover and an agitator, while the Model 100 Basic Edition might be more suitable for those who want a simpler solution.

By understanding these factors, you can make an informed choice about which mini manure spreader is right for your small farm.

The Country Manufacturing Model 600 Manure Spreader: An Overview

When it comes to robustness and efficiency, the Country Manufacturing Model 600 Manure Spreader steps into the spotlight. Designed for both performance and ease of use, this model stands out as a reliable choice for small farms.

With a 25-bushel capacity, it is capable of handling significant manure volumes from your livestock, efficiently transforming it into a beneficial resource for your fields. This model is ground-driven, requiring no power take off or any external engines, making it versatile for use with any 10 HP or larger tractor.

One of its defining features is its treated lumber bed and sides, demonstrating not just durability but also a commitment to quality. Maneuverability is also a strength, thanks to its 46-inch wide structure that allows it to navigate narrow spaces with ease. This means you can even pull it down your barn aisle to load.

The Country Manufacturing Model 600 combines the performance of large farm models with the convenience of compact design, making it a worthy investment for small farms.

Newer Spreader Model 200: A Premium Choice for Small Farms

If you’re on the lookout for a mini manure spreader that provides a blend of premium features and compatibility with small farming operations, look no further than the Newer Spreader Model 200.

This model exudes convenience from every angle. It comes standard with a 2″ Ball Hitch attachment, catering to a variety of towing vehicles. An additional tarp cover is included, minimizing waste during operation and protecting the spreader from adverse weather conditions.

The Newer Spreader Model 200‘s agitator is a standout feature that ensures a smooth and even discharge of manure and bedding. This model boasts an aluminum structure, giving it a lightweight yet robust quality.

Its capacity is about 13 cubic feet, which is around 11 bushels. Though smaller than the Country Manufacturing Model 600, it delivers an excellent performance, making it an ideal choice for small farms that value functionality and premium features.

The Newer Spreader Model 200 is a testament to the fact that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to achieving efficient farm operations. Its features are thoughtfully designed to cater to the demands of small farming, making it a premium choice worth considering.

Landzie Lawn & Garden Spreader: An Affordable Alternative

When budget is a key concern but you still need an effective manure management solution, the Landzie Lawn & Garden Spreader comes into its own. Despite being a more economical choice, this mini manure spreader delivers promising results and can be an excellent alternative for small-scale farmers or hobby gardeners.

Its compact design, featuring a 24″ heavy-duty rolling barrel, makes it suitable for smaller farms or gardens. The 3/4″ heavy-duty steel mesh ensures durability and longevity, providing excellent value for money. Moreover, its wide spread radius guarantees an even distribution of topdressing, ensuring no part of your field is left nutrient-deficient.

A key highlight of the Landzie Lawn & Garden Spreader is its user-friendly nature. Its comfort-grip handle, combined with the option to be push-driven or tractor-pulled, ensures convenience and ease of use. Despite its smaller size compared to premium models, it remains a powerful tool for proper manure management on a smaller scale.


Investing in a mini manure spreader is more than just a farming equipment purchase; it is a commitment to sustainable farming practices that can significantly enhance your farm’s productivity. Each of the models we have examined – the Country Manufacturing Model 600, the Newer Spreader Model 200, and the Landzie Lawn & Garden Spreader – offers unique features and benefits that cater to different needs and budgets.

Remember, choosing the right mini manure spreader should align with your farm’s specific requirements. Whether it’s the robustness and high capacity of the Country Manufacturing Model 600, the premium features of the Newer Spreader Model 200, or the affordability and ease-of-use of the Landzie Lawn & Garden Spreader, there’s a manure management solution out there for every small farm.

By thoughtfully considering your needs, you can transform the task of manure management from a burden into a boon – turning waste into wealth and promoting the health and productivity of your soil.

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