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How to Store Hay Without a Barn

All horses eat hay, but not all horse owners have the luxury of a spacious barn in which to keep said hay. Especially for owners of multiple horses, or owners who order large amounts of hay in advance, hay storage can become an expensive problem. Here's how to keep...

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Daily Horse Hoof Care: Best Technique + 3 Seasonal Tips

“No hoof, no horse”. Old and tired as the saying might be, it always applies. Most of us know to keep our horses on a regular cycle with a qualified farrier, but that's only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to caring for your horse's feet. The daily routine can...

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How Often to Deworm Horses?

Most horse owners know that internal parasites can cause all sorts of problems for your equine friend. But opinions differ wildly on how often horses should be treated for these pests – ranging from every four weeks to just twice a year. Advances in veterinary science...

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How to Keep Horse Water from Freezing without Electricity

Winter poses a whole new set of problems for the horse owner, from snowballs in their feet to protection from the elements. But one that many owners don't think about is keeping your horse hydrated. Believe it or not, most horses actually need more water in winter...

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Caring for Horses in Winter (The Four Best Tips)

Caring for Horses in Winter can be hard, in many areas, its extreme temperatures and violent weather can pose a significant problem for our equine friends. Even in milder climates, winter presents the horse owner with a completely different set of challenges than...

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Three Horse Cribbing Solutions

Stables vices have plagued horse and owner for many years – ever since we first decided that horses would be better off shut up inside. One of the most irritating of these pesky habits is cribbing. The habit is annoying and dangerous to the horse, but it can be curbed...

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