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Four Different Types of Horse Bits and Their Uses

For thousands of years, humans have been working with horses using bits. The art of communicating with a half-ton animal by a piece of metal in its sensitive mouth is central to what riding has become. In the right hands, any bit can be gentle, and in the wrong ones,...

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Tail Rubbing Cures and Causes

Picture this: Your horse has been groomed to perfection. His coat has been washed and brushed and every hair is in place, his mane neatly trimmed and plaited, even his white socks are white instead of yellow for a change. The only thing ruining the image his the fact...

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The 4 Best Horse Shampoos

We all love to give our horses a good bath, leaving them silky, shiny, and smelling nicer than ever. For some horses with skin problems, bathing is an essential part of their healthcare routine. Others have white coats that just won't lose that yellow sheen or black...

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