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Alfalfa for Horses – Is It a Wise Choice?

Nothing smells better than breaking open a fresh bale of alfalfa hay; so green and fragrant you can't blame your horse for loving the taste. Horses have been enjoying the palatability of alfalfa for thousands of years. This legume was first grown in the Middle East...

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The 4 Best Fly Masks for Horses

In the hot, summer-rainfall climate where I run my stableyard, flies are a continual pest. With the yard being on the same property as a working dairy farm, our problem is worse than most; the pesky critters absolutely thrive in these conditions. But over the years...

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How to Treat and Prevent Saddle Sores from Horseback Riding

Long summer days, long trails, long hours in the saddle... it all sounds like utter bliss. But especially for those riders who don't get to mount up often and aren't fully fit, or riders who spend many hours riding every day, saddle sores can quickly ruin your...

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How Much Hay Should a Horse Eat Per Day?

We all know that horses eat hay, but for the horse owner, it's not that simple. This aspect of horse management is utterly integral to the horse's mental and physical well-being. It's essential to feed hay in the correct amounts and using the correct methods. Receive...

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