Equine Saddles


When it comes to tack you need to make sure you’re buying only the best for your Equine friends. Our team of like-minded Equestrians researches the online marketplace to provide you with the most comfortable, durable, and ethical products you can purchase right now.  Saddles, saddle-pads, bridles, whatever it is we’ll show you the best of it.

The Best English Dressage Horse-Saddles: Steal the Show

After weeks of vigorous dressage training and riding, testing out 10 excellent saddles our professional dressage riders came to the conclusion that the Bates Isabell Saddle is the champion. It's the most comfortable (for rider and horse), durable, and versatile...

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The Best Western Trail Horse-Saddles

After weeks of relaxing trail riding and testing 15 different top of the line western trail saddles, and plenty of hours per a saddle, we've come to the conclusion that the Tucker Horizon Trailhead Trail Saddle is the Champion Western Trail Saddle. Some key features...

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The Best English Jumping Horse-Saddles

After weeks of thrilling jumping training and galloping through the woods, 15 different riders with varying expertise trialed 8 of the highest quality saddles on the market. In the end, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Best English Jumping Horse-Saddle is the...

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