Equine Bridles & Bits


When it comes to tack you need to make sure you’re buying only the best for your Equine friends. Our team of like-minded Equestrians researches the online marketplace to provide you with the most comfortable, durable, and ethical products you can purchase right now.  Saddles, saddle-pads, bridles, whatever it is we’ll show you the best of it.

Four Different Types of Horse Bits and Their Uses

For thousands of years, humans have been working with horses using bits. The art of communicating with a half-ton animal by a piece of metal in its sensitive mouth is central to what riding has become. In the right hands, any bit can be gentle, and in the wrong ones,...

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The Uses of 6 Common Types of Bridles and Where to Buy Them

I always find it entertaining to watch the look on new riders' faces the first time they walk into a tack shop. Their inner horse-crazy kid always seems to win out at first; as they stare at the incredible variety of horsey equipment, their jaw drops, and their eyes...

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The Best Equine Hackamore Bridle Bits

After testing 4 Hackamore Bridle Bits and over 35 hours of riding we’ve concluded that the Best Equine Hackamore Bridle Bit is the Professionals Choice Bob Avila Mechanical Hackamore Floral. This incredible bit gives you control over your horse that parallels a 'mouth...

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The Best Equine Double Bridles

After testing 5 high-quality and well crafted double bridles and over 50 hours of riding, training, and some competitions, we've concluded that the Best Equine Double Bridle is the Tattini Italian Fashion Design Snaffle Shaped Raised Double Rein Bridle. This artisan...

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The Best Equine Snaffle Bridles

After testing 5 Snaffle Bridles and over 30 hours of riding we’ve concluded that the Best Equine Snaffle Bridle is the Horze Rohan Snaffle Bridle. This incredible bridle provides you with amazing, grippy, durable, and stylish leather. The snaffle bridle is the most...

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