Equine Hoof Care


From Horses to Ponies, we’ll show you the best Equine Hoof products on the market, from hoof picks to hoof oils. We base our reviews on hands-on experience, facts, statistics, and real testimonials to provide you with the greatest products for your Equines hoof health.

Horse Hoof Care: Best Technique

“No hoof, no horse”. Old and tired as the saying might be, it always applies. Most of us know to keep our horses on a regular cycle with a qualified farrier, but that's only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to caring for your horse's feet. The daily routine can...

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The Best Equine Hoof Picks

After 100s of hours of picking hoofs over the course of 5 months and 25 hoof picks tested, we've concluded that the greatest hoof pick is the Horze Softgrip Hoof Pick. The soft grip gives you a comfortable grip on the pick as you scrape away the dirt from your equines...

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The Best Horse Trail Hoof Boots

After over 25 trail rides testing out 6 different pairs of trail hoof boots over the course of 1 month, we've concluded that the hoof boot our horses performed the best in are the Cavallo Sports Hoof Boots. Some of the key features that make these hoof boots so great...

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The Best Equine Hoof Conditioner

After applying 8 different reputable hoof conditioners, on different horses with varying hoof types and over 5 weeks of testing we've concluded that the best hoof conditioner is the Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Depp Penetrating Hoof Conditioner. This conditioner absorbs...

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