Equine First-Aid


From Horses to Ponies, we’ll show you the best Equine First-Aid products on the market, from Hoof protection to First-Aid kits and so much more. We base our reviews on hands-on experience, facts, statistics, and real testimonials to provide you with the greatest products for your Equines health.

Sweet Itch in Horses and the 5 Best Treatment Options

Sweet itch is the frustration of horse owners the world over. Occurring everywhere from Canada to Australia to Africa, this particularly persistent skin problem can make your horse absolutely miserable. The constant itching is enough to drive many horses to rub...

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The Best Equine First-Aid Kits

After examining 6 of the best equine first-aid emergency kits and pitting them against each other and with over 24 hours of comparisons, we've concluded that the best Equine emergency kit that has the components for most emergencies and comes at a great price is the...

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The Best Horse Bell Boots

After fitting 8 different super high-quality Horse bell boots around our horse's hoofs and testing them out during training and general riding for a total of 30 hours - we've concluded that Horze Signature Bell Boots are the best bell boots out there. They are lined...

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