Equine Bathing


Our team of like-minded Equestrians are always looking for the greatest, most versatile, and durable grooming products on the market that you can purchase right now, from Shampoo and Conditioners to combs and brushes. With our grooming product reviews and suggestions, we’ll help Equestrians decide the best products to keep their Equine companion(s) beautiful, healthy, and clean!

The 4 Best Horse Shampoos

We all love to give our horses a good bath, leaving them silky, shiny, and smelling nicer than ever. For some horses with skin problems, bathing is an essential part of their healthcare routine. Others have white coats that just won't lose that yellow sheen or black...

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Caring for Horses in Winter (The Four Best Tips)

Caring for Horses in Winter can be hard, in many areas, its extreme temperatures and violent weather can pose a significant problem for our equine friends. Even in milder climates, winter presents the horse owner with a completely different set of challenges than...

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4 Steps that make Bathing your Equine Friend Much Easier

Gather your cleaning supplies and get ready, Collect the necessary tools to accomplish the job properly (Press green text for our suggestions) Equine Shampoo Equine Hair Detangler Rubber Curry or Grooming Mitt Sweat Scraper Long Sturdy Hose Bucket of Water Large...

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The Best Equine Detangling Conditioner

After treating and detangling the hair of 8 different unkempt horses with 5 different high-quality equine detangling conditioners we’ve concluded that the Best Equine Detangling Conditioner is the Straight Arrow Mane N Tail Equine Detangler Spray for Horses. This...

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The Best Equine Color Enhancement Shampoo

After enhancing the colors of 20 different horses with high-quality color equine color enhancement shampoo we’ve concluded that the Best Equine Color Enhancement Shampoo is the Gallop Colour Enhancing Horse Shampoo. This shampoo is amazing, it made all of our horses...

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The Best Equine Anti-Fungus Shampoo

After treating 8 different horses with varying fungal related skin issues with 5 different high-quality equine anti-fungus shampoos we’ve concluded that the Best Equine Anti-Fungus Shampoo is the Vetericyn FoamCare Medicated Antifungal Equine Shampoo. This shampoo is...

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