Equine Barn Insect Control


It’s important that a barn stays pest-free, clean, and tidy to ensure that your Equine companion(s) is(are) happy and comfortable. We know how tough it can be to provide your Equine friend(s) with this kind of barn cleanliness so that’s why our team of passionate Equestrians want to share these excellent products with you. From Insect Control to Mucking we got you covered!

The 4 Best Fly Masks for Horses

In the hot, summer-rainfall climate where I run my stableyard, flies are a continual pest. With the yard being on the same property as a working dairy farm, our problem is worse than most; the pesky critters absolutely thrive in these conditions. But over the years...

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The Best Equine Barn Fly Tape Rolls

After applying over 20 tape rolls to various places around our horses (on sides of doors, on bug nets, on top of helmets etc) and over 2 months of research, we've concluded that the Best Equine Barn Fly Tape Roll that efficiently collects bugs is the Coburn Sticky...

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