Equestrian Shoes


Every Equestrian needs a great pair of shoes before they get on their Horse, or even simply when they are just around their Equine friend. From stylish western riding boots to short English riding boots we review and show you the highest quality Equestrian shoes you can purchase right now to help you have the most enjoyable equine experience in any situation.

The Best Equestrian Men’s Western Boots

When it comes to having a great ride every cowboy needs a great pair of western boots. We had a team of 15 Equestrian Men test 7 pairs of cutting-edge Men's Western Boots. After over 50 hours of lunging, trudging thru mud, riding, and running thru the pastor we've...

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The Best Equestrian Women’s Paddock Boots

After over 30 hours of lunging, running, and riding, in 5 pairs of high-quality women’s Paddock Boots, for our champion we’ve selected the Horze Sporty Rugged Paddock Boots as the best Equestrian Women’s Paddock Boots. Stylish, durable, and versatile, these boots are...

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The Best Equestrian Women’s Tall English Boots

After over 40 hours of riding, running, and sloshing through mud, in 6 pairs of excellent women's tall English boots in all types of weather, for our champion we've selected the Horze Camden Tall Boots as the best Equestrian Women's Tall English Boots. Stylish,...

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