The Best Weight Gain Supplement for Horses

The Best Weight Gain Supplement for Horses

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Equine Health, Equine Supplements

Horses, these majestic creatures of strength and endurance, stand as symbols of beauty, freedom, and power. However, ensuring their health and vitality is not a task to be taken lightly. A horse’s body, like any other organism, requires a balanced diet for proper functioning. One key aspect of their health that often requires attention is weight management – ensuring that these gentle giants are neither underweight nor overweight. It’s a delicate dance that requires meticulous observation and intervention when necessary. In certain circumstances, equine caretakers may find their charges lacking in weight, perhaps due to aging, recovering from an illness, or other specific conditions. In these instances, weight gain supplements can provide a valuable assist. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding the best weight gain supplements for horses, examining their components, effectiveness, and how they can be introduced into your horse’s dietary regime. Harness up, dear reader, and prepare to explore the rich field of equine nutrition.

The Need for Weight Gain Supplements

Horses, like all living creatures, undergo fluctuations in their health and physical condition. Various circumstances can precipitate a necessity for weight gain in horses. It’s crucial to be aware of these situations and respond appropriately to ensure our equine friends remain hale and hearty.

Firstly, aging horses often struggle with weight maintenance. As they gracefully gallop into their golden years, they can experience a decrease in digestion efficiency, leading to loss of weight. Elderly horses sometimes need additional caloric intake to keep them at an optimal weight. For these venerable equines, a weight gain supplement could be just the boost they require.

Secondly, horses recovering from an illness or surgery may also require weight gain. During the healing process, their bodies may use more energy, causing them to lose weight. A quality supplement can support their recovery by providing the necessary calories and nutrients for them to regain their strength.

Horses under stress – be it from a change in environment, strenuous training, or intense competition season – might experience weight loss as well. During these stressful periods, horses can benefit from a weight gain supplement to replenish their energy and ensure they maintain a healthy weight.

Lastly, rescue horses or those with a history of neglect or abuse often come into our care underweight and malnourished. These horses, although now in safer hands, need immediate intervention to restore their weight and health. For such cases, the right supplement can help turn the tide.

There are a myriad of weight gain supplements available on the market, each boasting its own unique benefits. Three products, in particular, have been shown to be highly effective – Nutrena’s Empower Boost Horse Feed, Manna Pro’s Senior Weight Accelerator, and Farnam’s Weight Builder. These supplements are packed with high-quality proteins, healthy fats, and other crucial nutrients designed to support healthy weight gain. While Nutrena’s product caters to all adult horses, Manna Pro is designed specifically for seniors, and Farnam’s supplement is lauded for its high-calorie, low-starch formula. In the following section, we will dive deeper into these products, scrutinizing their ingredients, effectiveness, and overall value.

Best Weight Gain Supplements for Horses

Choosing the right supplement for your horse is crucial. It’s a task that demands careful consideration of their unique nutritional needs, your personal circumstances, and, of course, the horse’s preferences. To help navigate this terrain, we’ve examined three top-rated weight gain supplements: Nutrena’s Empower Boost Horse Feed, Manna Pro’s Senior Weight Accelerator, and Farnam’s Weight Builder.

Nutrena’s Empower Boost Horse Feed is an excellent all-rounder, designed to provide balanced nutrition for adult horses. It’s packed with high-quality protein and controlled levels of starch and sugar, ensuring your horse gains weight healthily. Customers rave about this product, stating their horses gained weight steadily and showed increased vitality after starting the feed.

For elderly horses, Manna Pro’s Senior Weight Accelerator is a fantastic choice. Formulated with older horses in mind, it contains probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids to aid digestion and promote a shiny coat. It also includes essential vitamins and antioxidants to support the immune system of older horses. Reviews highlight the product’s palatability and effectiveness in improving the weight and overall health of senior horses.

Farnam’s Weight Builder is a high-calorie, low-starch and sugar weight gain supplement praised for its easy digestibility and high fat content, providing the calories your horse needs without the risk of digestive upset. It’s suitable for horses of all ages and particularly beneficial for those needing a low-starch diet. Testimonials endorse its effectiveness in helping horses gain weight and improving their coat condition.

Each of these supplements stands out in its own right. Nutrena offers a balanced solution for all adult horses, Manna Pro caters to seniors’ unique needs, and Farnam provides a high-calorie boost suitable for horses requiring a low-starch diet. What remains constant across these products is their commitment to equine health and their promise of aiding weight gain in a balanced, healthy way. But remember, it’s not just about what you feed your horse; it’s also about how you feed it.

Administering Supplements

Incorporating weight gain supplements into your horse’s diet requires a tactful approach. Just like people, horses can be fussy eaters, and introducing something new into their routine can sometimes meet with resistance. Yet, with a thoughtful plan, you can make this transition smooth and efficient.

Begin by adding a small amount of the chosen supplement, like Nutrena’s Empower Boost, Manna Pro’s Senior Weight Accelerator, or Farnam’s Weight Builder, to your horse’s regular feed. It’s a gentle way to familiarize your horse with the new taste and consistency without causing a drastic change in their daily meals.

Gradually increase the amount of the supplement over a period of one to two weeks until you reach the recommended dosage. This slow introduction helps your horse’s digestive system adjust to the new nutrients. Remember, sudden dietary changes can cause digestive upsets, which might slow down the weight gain process rather than speeding it up.

Horses thrive on routine. Consistently feeding your horse at the same times each day will help them anticipate meal times and be more receptive to eating their feed, supplement included.

While these steps are crucial in administering weight gain supplements, it’s essential to monitor your horse’s weight and overall health during this period. Keep an eye out for any changes in your horse’s behavior or bodily functions, as these might be signs that the supplement isn’t sitting well with them. If you notice any adverse reactions, consult your vet promptly.

Remember, supplements are just that – supplementary. They work best when used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise. It’s essential to maintain a routine of exercise for your horse, which will stimulate their appetite and contribute to healthy weight gain.

Finally, remember that every horse is unique. What works for one might not work for another. Experiment with different products, observe your horse’s reactions, and adjust as necessary. It’s a journey, and finding the best weight gain supplement for your horse is a significant step in the right direction.


In a world where horses are often seen as powerful and hardy creatures, the issue of underweight horses is often overlooked. Yet, it remains a crucial concern for many horse owners. While the causes vary – be it illness recovery, old age, or an intensive training regime – the solution often comes in the form of nutritional support. Weight gain supplements provide a concentrated source of calories and nutrients to assist horses in achieving a healthy weight.

However, as pivotal as these supplements are, they are not a quick fix or an isolated solution. They work best as part of a holistic approach to equine health, which includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and routine vet check-ups. Moreover, each horse is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. Therefore, you must consult your veterinarian before starting any new supplement regimen.

In the end, achieving your horse’s optimal weight isn’t just about numbers on a scale. It’s about enhancing their strength, vitality, and overall well-being, enabling them to lead a happy, active life. With the right weight gain supplement, you can give your horse the nutritional boost they need, taking one significant stride in this ongoing journey towards optimum equine health.

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