Best Gifts for Horse Lovers: Gifts that Horse Owners will Love

by | Dec 30, 2019

Is there a horse lover in your life? Are you desperate for Christmas ideas? Well below is a list of great ideas for gifts.

There are dozens of lists online suggesting cute gift ideas with equine themes, but for the actual horse owner, nothing beats practicality. Whether it’s a fun little barn gadget, an improvement or upgrade on their current gear, or saving them money on something they know they need but haven’t bit the bullet and bought yet, the gifts below are sure to be a hit!

Grooming Set

One thing every horse owner will always be glad to see is more grooming supplies. Brushes wear out and replacements are certainly welcome. A set like this one offers a full selection of grooming tools, as well as being a strong brand that will last for years.

Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves are becoming quite popular these days. Horse owners love the combination of intimate, one on one time with their horses while still getting them cleaned up. This fun gift may well be something the horse lover in your life hasn’t bought for herself yet, but will be excited to try!

Grooming Organizer

While we’re talking grooming supplies: keeping a well-stocked barn tidy and organized is a lifetime task for the horse owner, and that gets even worse when they head out on the road, packing everything their horses could need into a small trailer space. A little help will be gladly accepted. If your horse lover is overrun with brushes and combs, check out this option for organizing all those vital grooming tools.

Detangler and Shine

Keeping a horse’s mane and tail smooth and shiny is a proud accomplishment for many horse owners. Surprise yours with a bottle of Cowboy Magic Detangler, an excellent product for mane and tail work, but one with enough of a price tag that a lot of horse owners won’t buy it for themselves as often as they’d like to.

Saddle Cover

Your horse loving friend’s saddle is probably his largest investment next to his actual horse. Actually in a lot of cases, the saddle can cost more! If he doesn’t yet have one, a good saddle cover is essential for keeping that saddle clean and protected.

Saddle Care Pack

In a similar vein, a good saddle needs a good cleaning and care regime. Even if your horse lover already has some saddle soap on hand, more will always be needed. Leather therapy offers a superb line of non-greasy tack cleaning supplies. The restorer and conditioner makes a fantastic standalone gift, or add the wash, protective leather finish, and a pack of sponges for a complete set. Take it the complete extra mile and offer your tack cleaning services and your gift is sure to be unmatched!

The Wine Down Hoof Pick

If your horse lovers are also wine lovers, they will cherish this beautiful hoof pick with attached corkscrew and bottle opener. Even if they never really use the two together on the same outing, they will still be entranced – I speak from personal experience on this one.


Every trail rider needs a pair of saddle bags for water bottles, snacks, first aid kits, and other trail essentials. If they don’t have a good pair or their previous pair is getting rather run-down, consider a nice slim set of saddlebags. This option from Tough-1 even features lovely, saddle-style tooling.

Custom Engraved Nameplates

A beautiful engraved nameplate can add a level of class to any barn or halter, and the personalization to their beloved horse is sure to please the horse owner. If you know the horse’s name (and can spell it correctly!) why not get your friend a brass tack nameplate or lovely carved wooden stall nameplate?

Winter Riding Gloves

Winter can be hard on the equestrian, particularly those that stick with riding all through the cold weather months. For these tough types, winter gloves are indispensable. Check out this pair, designed to function both as good riding gloves and as functional barn work gloves.

Good Reading

Horse owners are always eager to keep learning more about their passion. There are many books available in horsemanship and horse training. However, if you are unsure what to choose or overwhelmed by options, here is a great one to start with. Mark Rashid writes excellent books that teach ideas about horsemanship through a pleasant, narrative style that is easy and relaxing to read.

Horse-themed Photo Album

Most horse owners can never get enough of looking at their horse. If you know your horse lover enjoys photos, give them a nice album to showcase their equine pride and joy. Bonus points if you are able to pre-load it with a few photos of their precious horse as well.


While it’s always nice to receive another equestrian coffee mug, beautiful horse blanket, t-shirts, decorative box, or bauble, consider going the extra mile for the horse owner in your life and get them something that they will not only enjoy, but use. The very best gifts are those that people didn’t even realize that they wanted. So if you have the opportunity, find a way to snoop around the barn and gather intel. If you live too far away or can’t organize a barn visit, your horse lover’s equestrian friends are an excellent source of information. If all else fails, this list will give you some great ideas that almost any horse owner will love.

Let’s keep the list growing! What are some of the best gifts you’ve received as a horse owner?

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